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A Market Profile - Trends & Directions

At present, the healthcare industry is witnessing a massive push towards managed care. Physicians and healthcare institutions are expected to provide quality care to significantly greater numbers of patients. The rapid development of new diagnostic procedures, drugs, treatments and specialized facilities multiply the potential approaches to patient care. It is simply impossible for physicians to keep up with the information relevant to the care of each of their patients. It is equally difficult for patients to obtain information crucial to managing their own health. The need for increased productivity is especially evident in the healthcare industry, which faces a significant problem: the substantial administrative costs associated with processing paper claims, specifically the widely used Health Care Financing Administration forms.

As electronic connectivity engulfs the healthcare industry, the stage is set for solution providers to grab a piece of the action with innovative healthcare network and clinical communications services that leverage Internet technology. The gamut of solutions need to competitively enable the confidential exchange of clinical, administrative and financial information among physicians and their patients, and affiliated health plans, providers and suppliers.

Software developers and intermediaries are developing powerful tools and models for moving and sharing information within the industry. The focus is on improved cash flow (less time in payment cycle), more accurate financial and patient information, less filing and paper clutter in the office area, higher level of staff concentration and efficiency and lower overheads (less cost involved in electronic claims) and confidentiality issues.

The UPG Healthcare Practice

The dynamic business environment is healthcare organizations to constantly iterate and align their business and technology strategies. It is in this context that we established a team focused exclusively on the healthcare industry.

Domain experts from this practice support client projects and drive our knowledge capital and thought leadership.

Our goal is to be a preferred business solution provider to healthcare companies by consistently offering innovative best-in-class solutions using state-of-the-art technologies and building expertise ahead of the market.

This practice supports our market research and competency development initiatives to build innovative healthcare industry process frameworks, methodologies, and reusable knowledge objects. The combination of topical thought leadership with intellectual property demonstrates innovation in solution definition and engagement delivery provides value for our clients.

UPG Healthcare Industry Strategy

UPG provides a broad range of enterprise content management, onsite and offshore outsourcing and IT application development solutions for the industry. Our goal is to assist our clients manage their business processes and information over its entire life cycle - from data capture to electronic document storage to output services.

UPG Healthcare Industry Competencies

UPG is proud of the rich experiences, skills and competencies of their healthcare professionals obtained from helping companies design, develop, and implement business processing and IT application solutions for leading financial companies across the globe.

UPG specializes in the following healthcare activities.

  • Claims processing
  • Adjudication service processing