Vertical Focus


A Market Profile - Trends & Directions

The insurance industry worldwide is facing the challenges of deregulation, consolidation and convergence. It is imperative that insurance providers be able to transform distribution channels, sell complex yet flexible products online, and address security and privacy concerns for a strategic and competitive advantage.

Most insurance companies having reached a saturation point in effective cost management are now changing the way their business processes are managed by outsourcing processes, which have inherently large volumes of transactions and are repetitive in nature. Gradually, progressive companies are acknowledging the immense value in outsourcing and are identifying road maps for migrating complete functions, which range from new business acquisitions, policy administration, claims management and customer service.

The UPG Insurance Practice

The dynamic business environment is healthcare organizations to constantly iterate and align their business and technology strategies. It is in this context that we established a team focused exclusively on the insurance industry.

Domain experts from this practice support client projects and drive our knowledge capital and thought leadership.

Our goal is to be a preferred business solution provider to healthcare companies by consistently offering innovative best-in-class solutions using state-of-the-art technologies and building expertise ahead of the market.

This practice supports our market research and competency development initiatives to build innovative healthcare industry process frameworks, methodologies, and reusable knowledge objects. The combination of topical thought leadership with intellectual property demonstrates innovation in solution definition and engagement delivery provides value for our clients.

UPG Insurance Industry Strategy

UPG provides a broad range of enterprise content management, onsite and offshore outsourcing and IT application development solutions for the insurance industry. Our goal is to assist our clients manage their business processes and information over its entire life cycle - from data capture to electronic document storage to output services.

UPG Insurance Industry Competencies

UPG is proud of the rich experiences, skills and competencies of their insurance professionals obtained from helping companies design, develop, and implement business processing and IT application solutions for leading insurance companies across the globe.

UPG specializes in the following insurance activities.

  • New business acquisition
  • Claim settlement & reconciliation
  • Adjudication service
  • Adjudication exceptions handling
  • Policy maintenance