Professional Services
Professional Services

With technology continually changing, the struggle to find the right resources, within time and budget, has become a major challenge. United Professional Inc Professional Services Group provides resources that not only address your needs, but also become an extension of your IT department. UPG Professional Services group guarantees every engagement by:

  • Putting your challenges first.
  • Focusing on your business needs.
  • Quickly responding to your requirements with quality resources.
  • Recruiting Methodology

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  • Selection Criteria

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  • Professional service
    Delivery approach

    At United Professionals Group we follow specific guidelines for successful delivery.

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  • Service Practices

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Client Value Orientation

Our approach to professional services, and in fact all of our services, starts with our first order of mission, Clien't Value Orientation. This paradigm essentially aligns our goals with the client’s goals for the engagement, which ultimately helps in building a long-term relationship with the client. This mission has several critical cascading components. Each stage depends on an affirmative answer to the previous. Everyone in the United Professional Inc family, both in the field and the back office, is charged with applying the following tests on a continuous basis.

  • Adding Value – Is what I am doing adding value to what we are providing to the client today, or will enable us to provide more value, more efficiently in the future?
  • Perceiving Value – Placing myself in the position of my client, would I perceive this as added value?
  • Positive Net Value – Does this added value clearly and considerably exceed the investment of time, money and resources the client is making in exchange for it?
  • On-Time Value – Will our added value be delivered to the client in time for them to capture time-sensitive opportunities that would increase their total ROI?
  • Attributable Value – Is the client able to attribute the added value to United Professional Inc specific contribution of effort, enhancing our relationship with the client and thereby the total value of the engagement?


United Professional Inc success is the direct result of the efforts of our family of dedicated, motivated, and talented consultants. This success is due to our practiced methodologies of candidate selection (including recruiting, screening, and selection) and employee retention (including indoctrination, task assignment and support, skills development, career management, team building, and rewards).

It is very important to note, that our abilities to find top quality consultants, assign them to the right tasks, provide them with superior support, and retain and develop them are exactly how we are able to provide exceptional value to our clients. These people are our product. To our clients, they are United Professional Inc. These policies and practices are not only part of the internal employee handbook policies, but rather they represent how we create and assure competitive advantage among our competitors and provide quality services at affordable price points to our clients