UPG's People Practice

Our Culture

If you enjoy working in a place where you are constantly facing new and exciting challenges, UPG is definitely the place to be!

UPG is committed to building a culture that fosters openness, innovation and achievement. A place brimming with high energy, a culture that encourages one to achieve and to innovate. The results are enormous. Each and every employee at UPG is required to undergo a training session to internalize their mindset and develop and sharpen their entrepreneurial skills.

There are regular two-way communication processes with the CEO addressing all associates at least once every 6 months. In addition, there is small group open house sessions every month. The purpose of these communication sessions is to provide update on business development and company policies and to seek feedback.

There is a structured performance management system, which measures individual performance against pre-set goals and helps in achieving corporate and personal objectives.